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Cross-posting this here for the usual linkability reasons, replies preferred to the Tavern email list copy of this little thought if you're receiving that. As ever, if you're not on the list and want to be, let me know.

Yesterday Empryss posted to her FB asking what books people were currently reading. Mycroft replied without citing any titles, because he didn't have his Nook with him. Separately, I was also listening to a podcast where a book reviewer commented "I'd actually buy this book in paper to put on my shelf, which I don't say lightly these days" (regarding Erin Morgenstern's "The Night Circus").

All of that connected a bit with thoughts I'd been having recently about the continuing decline of paper books in my own life. Paper books are now a special event, something I have to specifically make a time and go to a place for - and that doesn't happen often. Faith found me a copy of Teller's (of Penn &) book about his Dad months ago (there doesn't seem to be an eBook version, official or otherwise - I'd been looking for a while). It's something I've wanted to read, and a gift I really appreciated it when I opened the package, but I still haven't actually *read* the book. It's sitting in my office. I read as much as I ever have (maybe more, if you factor in that I don't have a daily ferry/bus ride to spend reading anymore), but almost all of it on my iPhone because it's *always* with me. *Always*, and it has the book I'm reading right now and the next one just a click away when I get to the last page (and the next thousand after that).

I read occasionally on my iPad too (mostly using the larger screen for comics, even though it has access to all of the same books in my Calibre library as the iPhone), but much less frequently because like Mycroft's Nook, it isn't always within arm's reach. I don't read waiting room magazines, or cereal box labels (my former last resort) anymore. I have every (e)book I own, literally at my fingertips. I always thought the first cyberpunk bodymod I wanted was either chrome eyeballs or illuminated/animated tattoos. Turns out the thing I really wanted was just a library implant. Too bad (or fortunately, depending on perspective) Google Glass is still so damned expensive, even by my very generous early-adopter gadget-freak standards.

Hmmm. It occurs to me that perhaps the solution to my physical book problem is to designate a room that I visit frequently and have a well-established habit of reading in as for paper only. There's that little um, nook in the corner of the bathroom...

I started this out intending to ask a question or two. For those of you reading eBooks, how many mostly do it on a (semi)dedicated device that you don't necessarily carry at all times? And assuming you *do* carry around a device capable of displaying eBooks, why don't you read on it?

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