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So @ishrandom and I met an unexpected (and unprecedented) degree of resistance at the Knott's Haunt gate last night.

We've both been visiting Haunt at *least* once a year (flying in from out of state when necessary, and more often *several* times - last night was our third 2013 outing) for a long time - in my case, for *decades*. We both have special "Haunt garb" that we wear for the event, in large part because it makes us visible. Monsters, security, other event staff, and even occasionally other guests will recognize us, maybe stop to talk for a few minutes, and generally make us feel like members of the Haunt family. Third cousins twice removed, maybe, but members all the same. We *love* that, and it's a major part of why we go back so regularly and often. We always wear those same outfits, for this reason. I'd have a picture of us together here, if @ishrandom wasn't so damned camera-shy (though only of *my* camera - she's perfectly willing to pose for pictures anytime anyone *else* at Haunt asks for one). The one below is Faith and I in '91 - I outgrew the Danzig shirt a long time ago and my hair hasn't been that long for quite a while, but otherwise what you see there is pretty much how I still look now at Haunt.

We've occasionally had security (always at the front gate) question whether our garb goes too far and runs afoul of Knott's "no costumes" policy (which has always been in place). This has usually been resolved very quickly when one of the more senior members of the security team recognizes us from past trouble-free visits, and waves us through. We've never, ever, had any kind of issue inside the park.

Last night we had no trouble at all with the first security station, the metal detector wands (which is where the issue usually comes up). But after we cleared that, the second bag-check station told us specifically that our hats were too much, and we wouldn't be allowed in wearing them. A quick conversation with the supervisor, as usual, cleared that hurdle.

But what really surprised us was that having been given a pass from security, when we actually approached the turnstile, the cranky old guy manning it flatly refused to admit us (and immediately threatened to call security, whom he'd couldn't have missed clearly seeing us talking with right in front of him just a minute before). Back to the security supervisor, who again said we were ok and walked us around to a different turnstile where we were very pleasantly passed through. And once inside we had the same great time as usual, including chats with a few different wandering security team members.

Hoping this isn't something I'll be posting about again when we head back next week...


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