Hendel Thistletop (hendel) wrote,
Hendel Thistletop

Signs of Spring

Y'know, *metaphorically*. I realize we're headed toward fall IRL (one of the best things about living up here is the autumn colors that are beginning to show).

I *must* be feeling a lot better - almost every day, I start getting impatient about being trapped behind someone plodding down (or even up!) the ferry ramps.

Lost my typing tic, too. For over a year I've had a narrow band of yellow fabric (Ari had the matching piece), a yellow silicon LiveStrong band, and some little black skull beads on a bit of string all tied around my right wrist. I'd developed the habit of pushing and twisting all of that around on my forearm every 20min while at my keyboards, just to keep the loose ends and dangly bits out of my way. Never took any of it off, though. Not due to any kind of superstitious woo, just because I liked having the reminder there of my ladies, who put all of it on me to begin with.

But starting a few weeks ago the fabric finally wore through and fell off, then I broke the LiveStrong band showing Ari how it would work as an iPhone bumper, and one day the little skull bead just wasn't there so i didn't see much point in keeping just the string tied on. Took me a while to consciously realize my habits had changed.

Aereyal has been working on getting my post-summer scan set up around the 3rd week of September. I've been hoping to do Haunt a little early, first week of October, this year. If I'm extra lucky that'll not only happen, but happen with a clear path forward.

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