Hendel Thistletop (hendel) wrote,
Hendel Thistletop

Twenty(Mumble) Years!

(Another non-cancer exception, posted here because it's a convenient place to which I can point Irregulars from various other social sites without requiring logins, being restricted to 140 characters, etc. If you haven't a clue what I mean by Irregulars, unless you want the history lesson you can just skip ahead to my next on-topic entry.)

Yup, twenty *years*. *Years!* Or as close as makes no difference, anyway. Here's pretty much exactly what this conversation looks like in my head. Only multiplied by ~2.2.


In case there's any confusion, I'm John Cusack. 'cause this is my blog, that's why.

Anyway, that's how long ago The Belching Dragon went online, and our little "collection of punsters, thinkers, poets, players, dreamers, fools, rogues, wizards, orators, babblers, and friends" got started. In a word, my family. Though I once made a point of trying every year on the official Dec 14th anniversary, I've never been able to properly express what you've all meant to me. This post isn't going to achieve that lofty goal either, but...

Once upon a time, we printed up a run of Belching Dragon t-shirts. You may even still have yours somewhere - the one everyone signed for me is a treasured momento of mine. For a long time, I've wanted to do something like that again, as a sort of commemorative item for those of us that are still hanging around. The link below is what finally came from that desire.

UNLESS YOU'RE LADY DARKWIND (or would like to be), DO NOT ORDER THIS SPECIFIC ITEM! DO play with it, try out different styles/colors/models (I think it looks best on dark/black as shown, but feel free to "try on" alternatives - there are some especially nice ladies-only options), etc. THEN EMAIL ME instead, with *your* name exactly as you'd like to see it on the front, and I'll send you a custom link. Or not - there's no obligation here.

I'd love to be *giving* these to you guys. If I'd gotten around to doing this three years ago, I probably would've been. These days, well... The cost varies depending on style/color, starting around $20 for a basic white tee. Full disclosure - I tried dialing the Zazzle "commission" down to zero, but their minimum appears to be 10%. Really not looking to make bank on this; I just wanted a little flashback for myself, and anyone else similarly sentimental.

Lastly, if you're in touch with any of the long-lost Irregulars (Xerxes comes to mind), folks that drifted away over the years but who still might be interested in one of these sappy souvenirs, please point them toward this post. Thanks.

After all of that, finally, I give you this:


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