September 10th, 2014

Still Clear

Had a CT scan done yesterday (my last was Jan 2013, almost two years ago) . Dr. called with results this morning, and confirmed that apart from some fibrosis/scarring that he'd expect to see given my history, he didn't see anything in there that didn't belong - no sign of any cancer coming back. Looks like I get to stay on the freeway. 😃

The reason I'd gone in was that for the last few weeks I've been inexplicably weak/tired. I was fine at ScareLA, but by the following weekend I was just wiped out all the time and have been since. Still waiting for labs to come back, best current guess is some kind of weird viral thing? Particularly annoying, with Haunt season coming back up - we've actually looked at picking up a wheelchair on Craigslist again, just in case.

Still, knowing there's no evidence that my mystery malady is cancer again is good enough for me today.