November 30th, 2010

FTW? Really?

Just a few minutes ago, I retrieved a voicemail from my urologist, regarding the results of my biopsy a few weeks ago - "no active cancer", only a "fibrous calcification" (I think I'm transcribing that correctly).

I need to follow this up with one of my oncos, find out if this is the sort of thing that has to be repeated to verify, how this result fits with all of my blood tests and scans from the past year, etc. If it *is* true, and I'm really in official remission, I need to find out what my followup schedule is to make sure I stay that way.

Feeling somewhat like I did when I was first told that I *had* cancer. Not so much the fear, of course, but the same kind of uncertain numbness. "Is this real?"

And just like that initial diagnosis, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to hold back from sharing this until I'd not only confirmed it, but had an idea what it meant. There's a silly superstitious twitch that I'll somehow jinx it by celebrating prematurely. But...

This isn't going to be my last cancer-related post here. But it just might be my first as an ex-cancer patient.