November 16th, 2010

100% Natural

If all goes as planned, tomorrow afternoon my body will be entirely free of internal medical hardware for the first time in eighteen months or so. The PICC line in my arm was yanked at the beginning of summer, but I still have the kidney stents that were inserted as a precaution back before my first round of chemo.

Actually, what I still have are the second set - the first pair were replaced about this time last year, and the current set are way past their expiration date. The fact that they were still in there got overlooked while we were flailing around trying to figure out my then- (and still-) future treatment plan.

Removal is usually a simple office visit procedure, but even though scans haven't shown any calcification or other concerns (those troublesome diagnostic images finally did make it all the way across town), they're putting me under for this and getting a second biopsy while they're at it. I'm good with this plan - if I wanted to feel that sort of thing I'd get another catheter. Or get on an airplane (

At this rate, I *might* have an idea where we're going with my cancer sometime early next year. So far, I guess no news continues to be good news.

Up even earlier than usual tomorrow, and off to the ferry. I'll restrict my moaning about the lack of coffee to Twitter - you're welcome. :-)