September 30th, 2010

Meet-Up Change-Up

Just a followup regarding the planned SoCal meet-ups for Saturday and Sunday, Oct 2 & 3. My Mom is going to be making a run up from Arizona just to see Ari and I on Saturday, so there will be no gathering at Fuddrucker's in Buena Park that day. The second meet-up, at Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant Sunday morning, is still on - we'll be there a little before 10:00. This is the regular breakfast, not their "Sunday Buffet" around back. If you're planning to come, please let me know somehow (hendel@belchingdragon, @hendel, leave a comment here) so I can get an idea of how big a table to ask for.

The Sunday evening potluck at the house in Corona is still on too - if you'd like to come out there and haven't contacted me for the details, please do so.