September 19th, 2010

Haunt '10

Another little (mostly) non-cancer sidebar here (also completely non-atheist and non-merch, in case that made you twitch, dear reader). Just once again taking advantage of the fact that I can easily point everyone from all the various social sites I touch *here*.

All the reservations are booked (and more to the point, non-refundably paid for), so there's not damn much that'll keep Ari and I off the plane down to SoCal for this year's pilgrimage to Haunt. We're coming into Ontario late afternoon 9/29, leaving again early afternoon 10/5. I'm planning two one "official" get-together opportunities for the Irregulars (and anyone else that wants to drop in), first noon(ish) back at the Fuddruckers (Beach/Orangethorpe) on Saturday 10/2, then a brunch (10:00a or so) at Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant on Sunday 10/3. I'll be Twittering location, time, and other updates from my @Hendel account. Love to see any of you that'd like to make either/both.

We're also going to be doing a potluck thing at the house in Corona on Sunday evening - if you'd like to come over for that, please drop me a message.

(As noted in a more recent entry, the Saturday meet-up at Fudd's is canceled - both of the Sunday events are still on as planned.)

And if none of these times/places quite work out for you but you'd like to get together anyway (and could either come to us or provide a lift, as I don't think we're going to bother renting a car), let me know that too. We have an extra day or two on both sides of the weekend, and I'd really like to see you guys.

Been a while since I inflicted a photo on y'all, and since I can do it here under the guise of showing you what to look for when you arrive at one of the meet-ups, here I am. Yesterday I finally overcame the irrational resistance I've had to getting my hair cut since it started growing back, but didn't remember to take a "before" picture. As I Tweeted a week or two ago, just picture one of my favorite authors (but without the style, or talent, or rock-star fiancee). Come on kids, sing along, "He had Neil Gaiman's hair..."