September 2nd, 2010

Bye-Bye, Summer, Hello...?

Summer is indeed just about over - I can tell this not just from the leaves starting to change and fall (huzzah!), nor the drizzly day I thoroughly enjoyed earlier this week, nor that I'm starting to have to turn on the lights when I get up in the morning, nor even the impending 3-day weekend (off Saturday to PAX with my girl!). No, summer was my cancer break, my blissful little wait-and-see holiday, so the PET/CT scan appointment this morning caught me by surprise; I barely opened the envelope in time (a few days ago) to follow the usual pre-scan special dietary/activity restrictions, but follow them once again I did and into the scanner I went. Without my morning coffee. Grrr.

As usual, won't have any results to share for another few days (the followup appointment is next Tuesday). A few little things to comment on, though. After diagnosis and through the beginning of chemo, acquaintances were commenting on what they thought was a positive change - I'd lost weight! At the lowest point, I was ~50lbs below my usual scale-tip. Today's weigh-in showed me almost exactly back up to um, well, market weight. I'm going to assume that's a good thing, and consider tapeworms as a future non-cancerous alternative.

(Exercise, you say? Get thee behind me, etc.! :-)

Today for the first time the techs operating the scanner offered me a small but very helpful convenience. During my scans, the arms have to be held up over the head for about 45min - this is while lying down on my back, but becomes a bit of a strain even so. The simple solution - put both arms inside a pillowcase, which holds them comfortably in place. I'm looking for the Nobel Prize nomination forms, but am still puzzling over what category they belong in.

Perhaps best of all, nobody even mentioned the word "catheter" this time.

And while I'll spare you the picture, my hair continues to get shaggier, but steadfastly refuses to do much more than that. I'm looking a bit like Neil Gaiman these days - but without the talent, or style, or famous musician girlfriend. Sooner or later I'll have to give in and get a trim, but for now I'm still clinging to last year's vow at the TSO concert that I'd have rock n' roll hair again for this year's show. For a very broad definition of rock n' roll.

In non-me news, Sandy Graham (the Vampire Queen to whom I've referred previously) passed this week, and while I was by no means even a proper acquaintance, the news dismayed me all the same. Christopher Hitchens, fortunately, continues to be every bit as entertainingly prickly as ever: