August 26th, 2010

Role Models

I hope I'm not facing anything like this guy's decision any time soon, but I admire the hell out of the way he's doing so, both in his most recent update quoted here, and the two previous ones linked from it.

"I never thought I’d say that about the day I learned I would die, but it’s the absolute truth. The big things are great and memorable, but it’s the little, unexpected pleasures that make life so wonderful.

I’m going to miss it. Terribly."

As a sort of unicorn chaser to that touching piece, I should also point to this great little update from Mr. Deity regarding the prayers for/against Hitch and *his* cancer:

"In the meantime, good Christians can congregate to oppose their wrathful brethren and sistren. They can come together in groups of two (or three) and ask God to heal our dear friend — our "Hitch." I don't know if this will work. But it will certainly cause some cognitive dissonance in the Christian world — and perhaps even to God Himself, as He would be forced to take sides. Will God stand with those who would harm (or at least wish harm to) a fellow human being? Or will He chose tolerance, compassion, and the brotherhood of all mankind — believer, or not?

Let's just hope that past performance is not an indicator of future results."