July 18th, 2010

Relay for Life - "Eye of the Tiger" Edition

Recovering once more from the Bainbridge Island Relay for Life this weekend (lost track of how many this is for us - seven, maybe eight?). Even though it's a somewhat abbreviated version here (starts Sat 4p and runs until Sun 10a instead of the full 24hrs), the weather was a near-perfect mid-70's instead of the 90-100 we'd gotten used to in Corona, and since we don't have a team to walk we actually get some sleep in the wee hours, the event still physically wears you down even as it emotionally lifts you. At last year's Relay I was gimping around on what we thought was just a leg problem, so this year I walked my first official Survivors' Lap. Felt a little weird being at the focus of things, and as my ladies both pointed out to me, I'm in that lap for the rest of my life. I know damn well that at other Relays there are far too many (and at the same time not nearly enough) *children* out there in the purple shirts, but at ours I was the youngest by at least a decade.

Walking around the track at night looking at the flickering Luminaria has always been a gut-wrenching experience, this time even more so. Got up around 3AM to stagger toward the restroom when I realized there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and I could see stars from one horizon to the other. Tends to be overcast most of the time up here, can't remember the last time the night sky was so clear (or for that matter, when I was up at 3AM). By the time we got up again at 6AM the clouds were back, and lasted through the morning while we packed everything up.

Took some pictures and video, mostly of the antics in our corner of the event where once again we did our best to keep up with the kids. I really wanted at least one picture with me in it, preferably alongside both of my ladies, but didn't make it into a single frame because I was the one carrying the camera around most of the day/night (and trying very hard to keep it dry - you'll understand when I get 'em up on Flickr).

Thanks *very* much again to those of you that supported my fundraising efforts this year.