June 19th, 2010


Something will probably need to be done about the kidney stents I'm still carrying around, but apart from that given my now official wait-and-see treatment plan this blog is probably going to go mostly dark over the summer - just not much cancer news to post. Seems like a good time to (re)mention that there is an RSS feed available (http://hendel.livejournal.com/data/rss) in case you'd like to have any updates that I do post automatically pushed out to you.

Beyond that, I'd like to reference my first-ever post here (perhaps you arrived a few minutes late and don't know why this is Redundancy? http://hendel.livejournal.com/847.html) and re-emphasize that apart from the cancer thing if you give any fraction of a damn you probably ought to be following me elsewhere. First and foremost there's the private Tavern email polyblog, my Twitter account @hendel, and (last and very much least) I have a Facebook presence (99% just echoed from Twitter, http://www.facebook.com/thehendel).

One last note on my marketing efforts. To date, not counting the swag I've purchased myself for my own amusement, I've sold exactly one item. But it appears that kurrk is a satisfied customer. Thanks, dude. :-)

(Only a few thousand left, all colors/sizes/styles. Hurry, get yours now while supplies last! http://www.prayceboeffect.com)