June 2nd, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Minor bit of treatment news, I now have another PET/CT scan scheduled for next Wednesday to find out what my parasite has been doing in there for the last several months while nobody was looking. This will be through my 2nd opinion oncologist's office, as the first stage of evaluation for her HDC clinical trial. Then Friday afternoon we have an appointment to discuss the results. Sure would be nice to hear that the uptick in activity on my last scan was just a last gasp and I'm actually in remission now...

As for my last post, well... The experiment's not over; I'm going to leave everything up just to see what happens, but based on the initial numbers I'm clearly doing *something* wrong. When I Tweeted/blogged the "Praycebo Effect" I was fortunate enough to have one of the "celebrity" (only in an Internet sense) atheists, @pzmyers, pick up and reTweet my URL to his 25k+ follows, and it was further RTed out by several of them into (much) smaller groups. That was great, but points the finger of blame for the rest of it squarely at me. Obscurity's no excuse now.

The numbers from Google Analytics are a little fuzzy (for starters, anyone that blocks _javascript_ by default the way I do probably didn't get counted - makes me look worse, not better). But this curve looks like a roller coaster. A fatal one.

Twitter visibility ~25k : Pageviews 763 : Purchases 0

What the hell. Got a shirt for myself, and apart from that only spent $8 for the domain. :-7