May 30th, 2010

Praycebo Effect

Though Aereyal has done her level best (and that's pretty damned good) to shield me from the financial side-effects of my cancer until now, with the physical side-effects dwindling for the last few months that side of things has started to gnaw at me a bit. More than ever I consider myself fortunate to still have a good job with solid insurance benefits, but in this situation little terms like "deductible", "copay", and especially "limits" loom rather larger than they would otherwise, especially heading toward another round of harsher treatments that might not allow me to keep working full-time.

Last week during my commute I was thinking about ways that I might be able to actually make a little money off the long-standing in-joke that is the "Church of Universal Convenience". Came up with some snappy slogans and funny website ideas, but don't have the graphic chops to do 'em right. Still working on that, and besides, the domain would cost $5k.

What *was* available at a much more reasonable price were (and as a bonus, - I grabbed 'em both without hesitation. Looks like atheist/skeptic/science geek cancer survivors might be a bit of an untapped niche, based on a few minutes of Googling. I could *P0WN* a (very, very tiny) slice of the Interwebz! Or not.

While it undoubtedly could be improved upon by someone with better design skills than I (read: any at all), at least I managed to put together something I wasn't embarrassed to put out there. Cost me nothing to submit to one of those print-on-demand sites, and if I can get the word out, maybe it'll help get a bill paid here or there.

So, even though you're probably neither a cancer survivor nor an atheist (believe me, I know just how small the Venn overlap there probably is), if you're reading this, please repost the URL to help me reach those who might be? Thanks. :-)