May 24th, 2010


Really feels like I'm on one lately - a bit of activity, but no actual movement. Went (with the whole family, both of my ladies wanted to be there) Friday to consult with the Dr. running the HDC clinical trial that Aereyal had found online. As I Tweeted at the time, it felt weird being back among so many bald/fuzzy people clearly undergoing chemo.

The doc agreed that my treatment-resistant cancer might be a candidate for the trial, but pointed out several potential "gotchas", starting with the idea that the remaining core of my cancer might have mutated into something else by now. This will need to be checked, and with the target so much smaller (and apparently probably "harder"), the relatively easy CT-guided core needle biopsy I had last year might not suffice this time. I'll be having another scan soonish to get an updated (shadowy, imprecise - this Dr. also brought up the idea that sometimes activity shown on these scans isn't what it appears to be) look at what's going on in there.

Also - the drug that Aereyal was really looking to see incorporated into my next round, the one that targets cancer blood vessels? One of the side effects is increased blood clotting, which since that's how this all started for me would be a Bad Thing(tm).

We walked out of there still without any solid plan or even another appt. scheduled - the new Dr. wants a round of consultations with all of the previous ones. Fair enough; we do want to make the right decision instead of rushing into anything and I suppose the continuing lack of medical urgency is (still) a Good Thing(tm).

But damn, I'd like to be done with this, or at least have a rough idea of what the treatment plan is. Heading into summer now, and I suppose in the grand scheme of things it matters not at all, but I hate the idea of being at the lowest (and most immunity-vulnerable) point of chemo for not only Halloween/Haunt this year, but PAX (for which I optomistically bought Ari and I tickets months ago) as well. :-(