May 19th, 2010

Cancers, Plural. Cure, Singular?

Couldn't remember if I'd posted this previously or not.

"There is not just one type of cancer, but instead there are many (The National Cancer Institute’s general list of cancers will give you some idea, but the number is in the hundreds). Every normal body cell can become cancerous and each of those cells has a different interaction with the body. Some cancers have already been cured while others remain a challenge to obtain funding for."

Part of what I found so interesting about that TED video on angiogenesis the other day was how, potentially, it really could be the proverbial silver bullet for a wide range of the diseases lumped under the catchall term "cancer".

That, and his stats on how common very small cancers (which aren't a problem unless/until they manage to connect with the blood supply and get what they need to grow) really are. Cancer really *is* something that affects almost everyone - most are just fortunate enough never to notice.