May 14th, 2010

Skull Wax

Yesterday evening Aereyal (but not me - thanks for nothing, AT&T Wireless) talked with my 2nd opinion surgeon after he had finally received and had a chance to look at my most recent scan images, along with all of the other test results. Among other things, he noted that the specifics of my case are pretty rare, first with a testicular cancer moving up into the abdomen (1:900?) and then managing to set up shop in such a perfect (if you're a cancer) neighborhood plugged right in to the aorta/vena cava. Bottom line, he was in almost perfect agreement with my original surgeon that while the procedure could be done, it was not what he'd recommend, especially with the scans still showing activity. Too much risk of having to remove "extra" bits, and even then not being sure of having removed it all. No real surprise there (and a big relief to Aereyal, who had dreaded the surgical option all along).

That puts us back to High Dose Chemo, though probably not with my original onco. Aereyal has been *very* active researching my chemo options, and I have an eval appointment scheduled next week with another doctor through the University of Washington for a clinical trial of different HDC cocktails. She specializes in germ cell cancers and younger (at least when it comes to cancer, I'm still in that category, right?) patients, so that sounds promising.

Even while I look forward to being *done* with this, the prospect of going back in for another cycle of harsher chemo is a little daunting. As relatively easy as the first cycle was, I've been feeling better the farther away from it I get. Still some tingle in the hands if I stretch 'em all the way out, and that pseudo-numbness in my feet (weird footnotes - realized that I lose my balance in the shower if I close my eyes without leaning on a wall, and while walking is fine, any kind of run or jump feels like I have two lumps at the end of my legs). Apart from that, I'm doing great.

Might as well start picking out another full-head Halloween makeup job for this year, though. Where'd I put my skull-wax? May just opt to do the demon pumpkin thing again - that turned out so damned cool.

Last thing for today. Again, we're involved with the local Relay for Life event this year; obviously with more personal incentive than ever. We've always focused our efforts on helping put on the event itself, rather than the fundraising that's actually the point of it all. This year I have both a "team" and a personal page up there, and would appreciate it if anyone reading this would pass the links along through your own networks. Thanks *very* much to those of you who have made donations on my behalf (lookin' at you,Flower Child, Empryss, Rabbit, and Gwen). Prayers are all well and good, but I'm for work on a cure over hope for a miracle (which, even if you accept the whole supernatural thing, are by definition rare and inexplicable events).