April 24th, 2010

This Line Is Mostly Filler

There's been very little of consequence to report since my "Paging Captain Morgan" post, but I felt motivated to write *something*, so here I am.

Aereyal has been burning up the Internet and her phone doing an immense amount of work looking into clinical trials and treatment alternatives, but nothing solid has come out of it yet. I expect to have an eval appointment with a local (!) surgeon for a 2nd opinion on that option soon, but that's about it.

I continue to *feel* pretty good - that mild tingling/numbness in my hands/feet is the only symptom I have at all. 'course that lack of overt signs is exactly how this damned thing snuck up on me and got to the size it did in the first place...

Oh, and I've received a couple of emails from the ACS letting me know that donations have been made to my Relay page - my thanks to those of you responsible for that. :-)