March 28th, 2010

Radioactive Man

I mentioned previously the little card I was given after my last PET scan, verifying for the possible benefit of security personnel that I'd been legitimately injected rather than just fooling around with the stuff in my free time. Ran across that card in my pocket this morning, and took a closer look at the fine print on the back.

There's a whole list of Radionuclides and dosages - it also helpfully lists the half-lives of each. I got F-18/FDG, with a half-life of merely 110 minutes. At the other end of the card scale, there's C-14. Half-life? 5370 *years* (next runner-up, Co-57, at 270 days). YEARS! Presumably it's listed on the card with the same little fill-in-the-blank spaces as the others for a reason. *SOMEBODY* ACTUALLY GETS INJECTED WITH THAT STUFF. Yikes.

Wandered outside yesterday just before sundown, and Ari was throwing a basketball up at the hoop on top of the garage. Stayed out there with her for a while and lobbed a few too (feet firmly on the ground, of course). Neither of us can shoot worth a damn, but that really wasn't the point. Felt good. :-)