March 26th, 2010

Scary Monster

It's well established that I'm a Haunt "enthusiast". Found out today on one of the year-round Haunt message boards that Sandy, the woman who has for years at Knott's played the Vampire (or most recently Faerie) Queen, is now fighting cancer (and the accompanying medical expenses) too.

Don't know anything more about her diagnosis/prognosis, but would hate to miss her at Haunt in the future. Unlike several of the other monsters I've never had a chance to talk with her apart from very briefly "in character", but she's been part of the event as far back as my (admittedly fuzzy) memory goes. This one feels kinda personal, even if it isn't really.

For some reason, this is the only photo I can find (from 2004), though I *know* there are more somewhere. My Pixelmator-Fu is sadly lacking.

As I posted to the thread below, while cancer isn't *quite* the monster it used to be, it's still a damn sight scarier than anything that might come out of the fog or be lurking in a maze.

There's also a Paypal donation link at the top of the announcement thread here, for any readers that might also consider themselves distant cousins of the same "Haunt family".