March 24th, 2010

Wait For It...

Had expected (ok, not really) to re-convene with my onco last week after he and I had both (separately) discussed the disappointing results of my scan with the surgeon. Everything ran late (*that* is what I *really* expected) and we didn't manage to connect that afternoon. Been phone-tagging since, finally got a call from his office this afternoon, setting another appointment next Monday.

Just as well. I can ask him about the mild numb/tingle sensation I'm now feeling in my hands at times (had it in my legs/feet for a while). Really hope it's still just some kind of chemo aftereffect (which is what my onco said when I mentioned the sensation in my feet to him last week), not a circulation-related issue - which could mean that either a) the clot that started this whole thing may not have itself been just a cancer side-effect after all, or b) the remains of my demon-parasite have a stranglehold on my aorta/vena cava. Not good either way, but for now just me being paranoid. :-7

Temp was almost 70 up here today, so I walked a couple of blocks for lunch and then down to the ferry after work without even needing to wear my hat. The trees near the ferry that I walk past daily are sprouting little green buds all over; guess Spring really is here. Makes me flash back on seeing those same tiny leaves last year, before all of this started (and while I was still an uninsured contractor). Reminds me once again how lucky I've been to have the past year (and many more yet to come, one hopes).