March 17th, 2010

Belt and Suspenders

Bit of housekeeping here - it occured to me that collectively we're creating an enormous amount of material here (some of you much more so than I). As usual for hosting sites, I expect that LJ assumes no responsibility whatsoever should it all simply vanish one day. Anyone know what options there may be for exporting everything we've written on LJ out to external archives of our own?

Naptime (Or Else)

One more note about yesterday's scan. I've been through the procedure several times now, so both I and the techs administering it tend to skip most of the instruction-giving part.

When you're first taken into the room, they do a blood sugar test, give you two bottles of contrast with instructions to drink one-and-a-half, and inject the radioactive fluid from it's spiffy little lead flask. Then they turn down the lights and tell you to relax for 45min or so while everything you've just taken in percolates a bit.

Yesterday I was tapping away on my iPhone in the dark when the tech came back in - she had an odd look on her face, and asked if I'd been doing that the whole time. I confessed that I had, more or less.

Turns out that by "relax" they really mean complete inactivity. Skipping mandatory naptime meant that my thumbs and eyeballs glowed a bit more brightly in the scan than they would have otherwise. :-7