March 16th, 2010

One More Lap?

We brought home a vase of daffodils, courtesy of the American Cancer Society.

Unfortunately, that was about it for good news today, though I suppose technically it wasn't exactly *bad*, either. Certainly not the worst it could've been, but not what we wanted to hear either.

The scan showed that since the last one, instead of shriveling away my little demon-parasite has stayed about the same size, and actually increased metabolic activity slightly. As a bonus, there's fluid collecting around my heart, which is a bit of a head-scratcher so far as the cancer is concerned and may turn out to be completely unrelated. It doesn't seem to be a big problem at this point, but I had a bonus echocardiogram to start figuring out what *that* is about.

Had another talk with the surgeon who did my orchidectomy. Since the tumor hasn't *grown* again, and the metabolic surge still *might* be a last gasp, he wants to wait six more weeks and do another scan. The surgery, if it comes to that, will be a relatively major one because the tumor is so close to the major mid-body arteries, and these tend to be "sticky". Messing around with that area could even result in removing a kidney. We're really trying to avoid all of that. I'll be talking with the onco again tomorrow after he confers with the surgeon, about the possibility of more chemo instead, perhaps a different recipe.

It's been about two months since my last dose of chemo, and I've really started feeling/looking better as time goes on. I don't just have hair, I have a hairline again! But I suppose more chemo, even if I'm not quite as lucky this time with side effects, is preferable to the surgery. I still think of myself as a winner of the cancer lottery - it hasn't even been a year yet, and some people fight cancer for much longer than that (or worse, much less). Even so, the way that the finish line keeps jumping farther away into the future is getting a bit tiresome. :-7

Oh, and although this was my third (fourth?) CT/PET scan, for the first time afterward they asked if I'd be riding the ferry, flying, driving up to Canada, etc., in the next day or two. Left with a card certifying that I'd been injected with radioactive materials for medical reasons, just in case I set off a detector somewhere. Makes me wonder what kind of detectors are in use out there, and just how sensitive they are. Didn't set anything off getting home, in any case.