March 15th, 2010

Bouncing Back

As I slog through the triple-whammy of a Monday + Daylight Savings Time + another pre-scan Fast ("Why do they call it a fast, when it goes so damned slow?"), thought I'd drop a post here about last weekend.

Ari and I had been looking forward to it for a while, since noticing a flyer for the Emerald City ComicCon in Dairy Queen a couple of months ago. It was her first con of any type, and my first-in-damned-near-forever. Perhaps more to the point, at least on this blog, it was the first time I've been out on foot all day in almost a year. We sailed to Seattle on the ferry and took the bus up to the Convention Center, but spent the rest of the day walking around - even over to a nearby theater to see Tim Burton's version of "Alice" and then back down to the ferry in the evening. This, for me, was a significant achievement. :-)

We saw Wil Wheaton and Leonard Nimoy's panels, and spent simultaneously too much and not nearly as much as we wanted to on geek stuff (we underestimated demand for the plush Cthulu, or we'd have brought back at least one). I'd never seen Nimoy in person; he reminded me strongly of my maternal grandfather (and not just because Nimoy is almost 80). There were a fair number of costumed attendees, but none that really amazed either of us - missed our chance at San Diego ComicCon when we lived only a few hours away.

Especially since we were only a couple rows from the front at the panels, you'd think at least one of my pictures would've come out decently. Nope. The PI's reporter had a little better luck, so here's the link to his, as well as to one I found on Nimoy's Wikipedia page that illustrates the resemblance to Grandpa Stan.