March 2nd, 2010

Saint Me

Once again, been a while since I posted anything. Just hasn't been much to say - waiting for my next scan to see if this is over or going to another level, and that's still a couple of weeks away.

However, it *has* been almost two months since my last chemo treatment, and in the absence of any more interesting/accurate/relevant measurements of progress, I give you once again my mildly fuzzy visage. The very same commented upon by no less than four unrelated individuals around the office yesterday. I'll try for a backlit shot to highlight my downy halo, and assure you, dear viewer, that we don't muck about with filthy Photoshoppery of faux fur (or divinity of any sort) *here*. Note also the reappearance of eyebrows, and the grandfather-bristly chin.

Ahem. Apart from that, recovery continues apace. Still waiting for the day where I feel genuinely energized, but I get around pretty well. The mild slope back uphill to the house from Poulsbo still kicks my ass, as does the climb up to 3rd in Seattle for the bus, but I can do them both along with the ferry/bus walk on the island side. Legs not swelling as before with the clot, but they do feel similarly heavy and vaguely numb sometimes. Still convinced I won the cancer lottery, mind you, but would suggest that the rest of you skip playing altogether. :-7