February 3rd, 2010

Good News, Bad News

The good news from yesterday - there isn't more chemo, or any other treatment, in my (near) future. The bad - like certain currently popular azure aliens, my cancer is turning out to be very hard to completely *kill*. Continuing the edible analogies, yesterday's PET scan showed it's down to about 1x1.5in - maybe a grape? Blood looks good, no signs of metastasis anywhere else (lung still clear) but that little remnant is stubbornly hanging on.

Also had a followup with my surgeon in the afternoon, and between them the decision was to just wait another six weeks given the type of cancer and the fact that they were still seeing "cell death" (how often is *that* a good thing to hear?). At this point I'm told that size of the mass is also less significant than its metabolic activity - if the next scan still shows a mass but a dead one that isn't slurping down the super-sugar, I might just end up keeping the wee leftover as a souvenir.

Hmmm. Gotta remember to ask how many of these radioactive injections I need before the superpowers kick in.

Hard to complain *too* vociferously about the people that are quite literally saving my life, but for both appointments yesterday I waited almost two hours to actually see the doctors (*after* being taken into the actual exam rooms, not counting time out front in the "waiting" rooms). Between that and the ferry, made it all the way through a re-read of "Snow Crash" *and* several backup comics on my phone (love that I don't usually have to carry physical backup books anymore).

But today, as I sit on the ferry tapping this out on my phone, I have coffee. And a doughnut. So it all works out. :-)

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