February 1st, 2010


Tomorrow's the Big Day - going in for my PET scan to see if I'm really done with treatment (at least for now). *Today* I'm craving all kinds of things - chocolate, coffee, a sandwich, mostly because I'm not allowed to have them - since the PET basically involves injecting me with radioactive sugar and watching where it goes, they want as little as possible of the vanilla variety in my system. Thus the 48hr no-carb/no-caf dietary regime. Hey, I can still have meat! All I want! But little or nothing on/with it, which turns out to be a bummer. Still, once again, I could have "real" cancer.

Up early in the morning to get on the bus/boat/bus, and while I've never *felt* particularly perked up physically by coffee in the morning, it's certainly become a comfortable habit. Gonna miss it (and can't even switch to any of the usual crutches).

"So, vending menace, we meet again."
(Picking up and shaking vending machine)
"Armless bandit! Empty your bladder of that bitter black
urine men call coffee! It has it's price, and that
price has been paid!"
(Machine begins filling cup)
"Java devil, you are now my bitch."
(To open-mouthed bystander)
"Well, here you are weary traveller, one steaming-
hot cup of justice."

- The Tick, "The Tick: Pilot"