January 27th, 2010


I'm ok. It isn't me.

Haven't posted anything about myself for a couple of weeks, mostly 'cause there hasn't been much to tell - just experiencing the usual post-chemo bounceback, and waiting for my scan next month. Then I read this today, and am feeling really awful about it - sitting here at my office desk welling up. Both from the perspective of how easily her story could've been mine, and because Kage is one of the writers I've enjoyed consistently enough for years that she's on my list of "auto-buy" authors. Fuck.


Mark Time

Sam Clemens' pen name was supposedly taken from a measurement called out by boatmen using a sounding line to test the depth of the water. I've found that I have a similar (if not as precise) measure. In my case, it roughly calculates the number of recent days during which I have not made my bus-boat-bus commute across the Sound to work.

The indicator in question is the depth of my iTunes podcast queue. I usually pass most of the ~2hr trip listening to podcasts, going through 2-6 of them on an average day.

This afternoon I realized I was so backlogged so far that the DragonPage podcast I was listening to had been posted mid-August of 2009. Mostly the content isn't particularly time-sensitive, but *today* hearing the hosts mentioning an obscure news reference to a potential Apple tablet computer, well... It kinda highlighted the timeslip.

Hopefully next week will mark the last time I'm not in the office for medical reasons for a long, long time. Did I mention how grateful I am to Infospace?

LJ Fail - Again

Grrr. Really annoyed by LJ and once again questioning my long-term loyalty to this site.

After posting an entry just now using the BlogPress app on my iPhone, I went to do a quick edit via the LJ website. Logged in ok, but was almost immediately shut down by a Flash (I assume) ad popover. I got the popover window, but since the iPhone doesn't do Flash, I couldn't close the window, and it didn't play/go away on it's own.

If this turns out to be a repeatable and frequent occurrence, LJ just became almost useless to me.