January 8th, 2010


I just wanna go back to sleep.

Aereyal, who has been doing a 99% singlehandedly heroic job of getting our house refurbed and us moved into it while I've been sidelined with chemo, jumped off Ari's bed last night because she thought there was a cat trapped under/behind it. Turned out to be just the usual antisocial whining from Lizzie, but Aereyal twisted her foot and heard a distinct snap as she went down.

So, late last night we found ourselves headed to the nearest ER, about 20min away. Fortunately they weren't *too* busy, but even so we didn't get through with x-rays and back home until about 0130. Her ankle is ok (bad sprain, torn ligaments), and her little toe is cracked. Damn cat.

Feel like I should've stayed home today to help her hobble around, but she insisted I take the car and go for my final (?) round of chemo today, so here I am on the ferry. Once they get my IVs hooked up, I think I'm going to just sleep through significant portions of today...

Location:Seattle,United States